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Installation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


System Requirements

  • This application can be downloaded as a complete install from our website.
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT or XP.
    Please read our Installation troubleshooting if you use Win 95 or 98.
  • About 5 Meg Hard disk space, although the more records you enter, the more space you will need.


Can I run a single copy of Easy Incident Manager on a server so that multiple users can access the application?

Yes, You can install easy incident manager on a server, an allow multiple users to run the application.   Due to licensing restrictions, only a single copy of easy incident manager may be open at one single time.  You will need a working TCP/IP network for this feature to function correctly. For information chek the Network FAQ page.


Can I license the software for a PC, but keep the database file on a server so it can be backed up?

Yes - you can manually edit the INI file in the application directory to specify the database file. The database file need not be in the same directory as the application.


What's the best way to configure Easy Incident Manager?

We can provide you with assistance, and make recommendations to make the system most effective for your organisation.   Our usual consulting fee will apply for any consulting services provided.  Obviously we do not charge for any troubleshooting or installation support.  Contact us for more information.


I get an error message when I run Easy Incident Manager.

The software uses Microsoft ADO to access the data. This come pre installed on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. For Windows 95 and 98, you have to install the MDAC yourself.  This may be the problem.


How do I know if MDAC is installed?

MDAC is installed with Office 2000, so if you use Office 2000, you will have MDAC. If you haven't got Office 2000 then you still may have MDAC. For non-technical users the easiest way to test if you have MDAC is for you to install our software, then try to open the application. If you receive an error message, then it probably means that you need MDAC.

We suggest you try upgrading to MDAC version 2.5 . We have tested MDAC 2.5 and can confirm that it works.

You can download the MDAC files from Microsoft:


I Use Windows 95  - I get a message about DCOM95

Before installing Microsoft Data Access (MDAC) on a Windows 95 computer you must have DCOM95 installed.


How do I know if DCOM95 is installed?

For non-technical users the easiest way will be to try and install MDAC and let MDAC detect if DCOM95 is required.  MDAC will tell you that it is required if it does not detect DCOM95. If this happens then you should cancel the installation and exit the MDAC setup program.

Download DCOM95 from Microsoft's web site at:

Once downloaded you install DCOM95.EXE by clicking on the file and following the instructions. After installing DCOM95 you must reboot your computer, and then install MDAC as per instructions above.