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Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I am having trouble getting the network version of the software to run.

Network Specific troublshooting information can be found here.


I get an error message when I run Easy Incident Manager.

The software uses Microsoft ADO to access the data. This come preinstalled on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. For Windows 95 and 98, you have to install the MDAC yourself.  This may be the problem. Check the installation FAQ page.


Why can't I read a report that I have received by email?

You may not have the Free Report viewer installed on your computer. It should take a minute or two to download it from our web site. (Click here to download.)


Why can't I read a report that I have received by email if I have the report viewer?

Sometimes the report viewer becomes unassociated with report files.
This may occur if a third party applications alters your computers settings.
To resolve this problem:
  • Uninstall the report viewer, then re-install it.
  • Alternatively, you can open the report viewer executable, and select ASSOCIATE from the UTILITIES menu.


I cannot send a report as an email using Easy Incident Manager.

Easy Incident Manager uses MAPI technology to send emails.   Most Windows networks will have this installed.  If you use Lotus Notes or if you get an error, or if nothing happens, you may need to install MAPI separately.    Please speak to your network administrator.