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Easy Incident Manager Software Features

The Easy HR Incident Manager software allows you to quickly and efficiently track incidents and injuries within your workplace.  Accident and Incident Records are easily located via a familiar and intuitive interface.   For each accident or incident you can record injuries, as well as action items that have arisen as a result of the incident.   You can quickly and efficiently email incident and accident reports to relevant managers and supervisors.  The injury module helps you keep track of workers compensation, absences, as well as rehabilitation.


Key Benefits of the Easy Incident Manager Database

  • Record all incidents and accidents at your worksite.    A must have addition to your Occupational Health & Safety Management System.
  • Incident and accident list is fully sortable - based on date, location, incident type & description.  A simple double click on the selected records pops up a form with detailed information about that record.
  • Automatically reminds the user to report specific incident types to Workcover.   Automatically reminds the user to report incidents if worker is unfit for a specified number of days.
  • Automatically remind the user to report selected incidents to your workers compensation insurer.
  • Fully customisable.  Define incident types, user types, states, regions, locations, etc.
  • Define which input tabs are required for different injury types.  This makes each data entry screen relevant for the type of incident that is being reported.
  • Easily email incident reports to relevant third parties.   Set up distribution groups so that multiple emails can be sent to all relevant managers. (Lotus Notes users may be required to MAPI enable their operating system in order to send emails.)
  • Automatically keeps an audit of all emailed incident reports.
  • Manager your injured employees effectively - keeps track of lost time, rehabilitation, workers compensation details, etc.
  • Find injured worker details easily and effectively - Sort by name, date of injury, injury description and site location.
  • Keep comprehensive notes about an incident or an injury.  The adhoc notes field allows you to put your own comments about the accident or incident.
  • Keep track of action items arising out of accidents and injuries.  A visual display will remind you when action items are almost due, due today, or overdue.
  • action items are fully sortable based on date due, priority, and who the task was assigned to.  Simply double click to record rid to see the complete action item record.
  • Extract useful and easy to read reports.
  • Easily back up your data file to any location on your network.
  • Microsoft Access back end.  If you have MS Access installed, you can write your own custom reports, or download reports that others have chosen to share from our registered users area.
  • Plus more! Take the tour or download a trial version to see the Incident Manager Database in action.