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Take control of your incident management

Create an efficient, secure, and comprehensive incident management system. Keep track of all types of incidents, hazards, close calls and investigations.

Up to 14 days, no credit card required.

Stay on top of hazards and incidents

Keep track of workplace incidents, close calls & near miss reports, hazard reporting, and investigations using our ready made built in forms.

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Create a comprehensive incident management system

All forms are fully customisable for your organisations needs, and you can create your own with our easy to use form builder.

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Built to support your team

Incident Manager is designed to make it easy for the right people in your team to stay informed about workplace incidents and hazards.

Weekly Reports

You and your team will be informed with weekly reports and fully customisable notifications.

Manage Team Members

Adjust team member roles and permissions to suit your business needs.

Licenses and Certificates

Keep track of your team member’s licenses and certificates and when they’re due to expire.

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Proudly Australian

Incident Report is proudly Australian owned and operated. Our support team is also based in Australia.

Protecting Your Privacy

Utilising state of the art encryption and security to keep your team's information safe.

Manage Investigations

Track the progress and details of incident investigations efficiently.

Knowledge Base

Build a library of your company's safety policies and guidelines.

Muti-site Support

Organise your team across multiple sites and locations, including sites within other sites.

Analyst working with Business Analytics

Valuable Metrics

Get actionable data that will help grow your business

Comply with mandatory Government reporting requirements, and create your own custom reports.

Your team is the lifeblood of your business, and it pays to take care of them by properly managing hazards and incidents.

120K+ Serious Injury Workers Compensation Claims in 2021

$13,500 Median Compensation Paid

6.6 weeks Average Time Lost Per Serious Injury Claim.

9.9 Serious Injury Claims Per Thousand Employees

Source: Safe Work Australia

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